My view on Christmas


Now I will tell you about my christmas, how I celebrate Christmas!

Every two year my family is with my mother´s family, and the other year we are with my father´s family.

But, we celebrate in the same way on both sides. We are always at my grandparents, about 14:00pm.

It starts with that we are watching Donald Duck, there is one episode that is shown on TV every year at 15:00pm. The whole family are watching this together, that is a tradition to watch that. After we have watched that, we just talk and drink mulled-wine. And then about 18:00pm we start to eat the Christmas meal that consists of meatballs, sausage, herring, “janssons temptation” that is kind of a potato gratin with anchovies. And after the main meal, it’s time for what we call it “Ris a la malta” that is a type of porridge. And of course with the main meal we drink snaps, a swedish tradition.

And then after we have eaten all of the food, and everyone is completely stuffed it’s time for Santa Claus.

Then he comes and knocks on the door, and the small kids that is believing in him it’s the biggest event on the whole year. He comes with a big sack full of packets for everyone. And then he hands out all of the packages and when has left our house, we start to open all of the packages one at time, so we see what everyone have got. And after that we play some family games, just to have fun with our family.

That’s what my christmas look like!


Best regards

Erik Mattsson


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