About me – Zuhrudin “Zorro” Kamal


My name is Zuhrudin Kamal but my friends call me “Zorro”. I am seventeen years old and I was born in the year 1996. I come from Afghanistan but i´ve grown up in Sweden. I live in Gamlegården, Näsby, Kristianstad. I am in my second year at senior high school, in the social studies programme. My school subjects are based on theory and factual knowledge. In the morning, I go to school and have class. Then, I  have lunch and afterwards my last lesson then i go home. Basically, thats my everyday school life. In my free time I go out with my friends and I drink tea with them. I also sleep a lot in my free time. I am a Muslim so we celebrate “Eid”. Durinf “Eid” you go to everyone you are an acquaintance with and visit them. Others that you know also come and visit you. You give money and gifts to other family members and that´s basically what Eid is all about. It is kind of like Christmas, but an Islamic version. Thats all from me, thank-you for reading.



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