The group of Islam


The three girls starting from the left to the right are named Nabilha A, Sara and Ameena. And the guys starting from the right to the left are named Mustafa, Mohammed A, Hussein, Ramzi, Faton, Alaudin, Mohammed S and Zuhrudin.

Nabilha and Mohammed A are siblings and they’re from Palestine, Alaudin and Faton are from Kosovo, Zuhrudin is from Afghanistan and Mohammed S is from Somalia. Hussein, Ameena and Sara are from Iraq. Mustafa is from Turkey and Ramzi is from Yemen. There is another member in our group as well but he isn’t in the picture. His name is Ali and he’s from Iraq.

We represent the religion of Islam. The directions of Sunni and Shia. The muslims in our group that represent Shia are Sara, Ali, Hussein and Ameena. Everyone else represent the direction of Sunni.

The difference between Sunni and Shia is that Sunni believes in god (Allah), the holy Quran, the four khalifas and the prophet SAW Muhammads way while Shia believes in almost everything that Sunni believes in, but they believe in the twelve imams and that one of them is still alive and will return when the day of judgement is upon us as well. There are five pillars in Islam that you have to follow. 1.Shahada, which is the declaration of faith in Allah. 2. Salat, which is the prayer that you do five times a day towards Mecca. 3. Zakat, which is almsgiving or welfare contribution. 4. Sawem, which is the fasting that you do during the month of Ramadan. 5. Hajj, which is when you do the pilgrimage to mecca. Both Sunni and Shia believe in these five pillars.

Shahada Salat Zakzt Sawm Hajj
Declaration of faith in Allah Prayer towards Mecca five times daily Almsgiving or welfare contribution Fasting during Ramadan Pilgrimage to Mecca

We have same questions that we would like you to answer.

1. How do you follow your religions?

2. Do you have any freedom of religion in your country?

3. How do you celebrate in your religions?

4. What kind of religions do you have?

5. Are there many people who are believers?

6. What directions do you have in your religions?

7. Are you against any particular religion?

8. What thoughts do you have about other religions except your own?

9. How do you teach about religions?

10. How do you live with people from different religions? Does violence occur?

11. What do you do to become a muslim?

12. Do you have churches or Mosque’s?

13. How do you separate each other between other religions?


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