Hello, My name is Nabilha Almadhun, I’am 18 years old. I come from Palestine, was born in April 24 1995 in Gaza in Palestine . I have one sister and three brothers. My mother’s name is Fatin and my Dad’s name is Alaa. We came to Sweden 5 years ago. It was hard to fit into the Swedish society first but over time it became easier and easier. I go to high school in the second year, social program, I think it is very fun and exciting with the program, we are learning all the time. My favorite subjects are maths, religion, and philosophy. The subjects that I do not like are English, and Psychology. I like to watch television and see the Korean series, and Arabic movies. In my spare time I walk with my mom, chat with my friends and cousins​in my home country, or read books.

I am a Muslim girl, who wears a veil and it is my identity and it shows others that I am a Muslim. I follow my religion completely and I am very faithful. I pray, fast and celebrate our festivals with my family. I believe in other religions because it is an important thing in my religion that teaches us to believe and accept the other religions which shows that I am really a Muslim. My religion taught me very much like for example that we are all equal and there is no difference between people.



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