Hi Sri Lanka!


Me and my horses Debbie, Teddy and Bysen 🙂

My name is Johanna Gedenryd but my family and most of my friends call me Hanna. I’m seventeen years old and live in Österslöv, a small village 15 minutes by car from Kristianstad.

A school day for me lasts about 3-7 hours per day with various types of lessons. After school, in my spare time, I like to spend time with my horses. I also go to the gym every week and hang out with my friends. In the weekends I often go to competitions with my horse Debbie or spend some time with my friends at home or at a party. I live on a farm with my mum and dad. I also have three older siblings but they moved out a long time ago. I think Sweden is a great country but I will move to a warmer place, like spain, when i’m done with my graduation.

Best wishes from Johanna



One comment on “Hi Sri Lanka!

  1. cheche84 says:

    Is that a Shetland pony you have? So cute!

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