Hi my name is Sara, I’m 18 years old, I come from Iraq, but have lived in Sweden for about 11 years now. I love school very much. My favorite subjects are maths, religion and perhaps science. I have two friends who I love very much their names are Nabilah, she is 18 years from Palestine, and Omnia who is 17 years old and comes from Iraq too. We all go in the second year of senior high school.

In my family there are seven people, father, mother and five girls. My big sister is married and lives in iraq. She also has a little daughter named Zahraa. I love to get to know people from other countries. I can get some facts about other countries while at the same time making international friends.  I love my religion because it teaches me many things, for example how to be a good person and people love me. My religion teaches me what is good and bad. I am a practising Muslim who does everything that a Muslim should do, pray, fast etc. When I’m in school, I’m with my friends. In school we have long breaks, I usually sit with my friends or I sit at my computer. Because we have long breaks we go eating in restaurants, we have five restaurants to choose from. In my freetime, I usually sit at a computer or me and my friends go to the gym. I also love to sit with the family and relax at freetime. The city I live in is a small-sized city with many people. The city I live in is named Kristianstad. I love my city because I have lived here long time.


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