Dammen and Gamlegården in Kristianstad

Hello 🙂
Dammen is one of the places were I live that is a place i really like. I live in Kristianstad,Gamlegården. Dammen is a place were you can sit at the table and watch the ducks and the water. Damm is the swedish word for dike. I like Dammen because when my little brother that is 4 years old was about 2 years I always did go with him there and he always got happy and started to laugh when the ducks did come and get bread that he throw. When i go to Dammen i always get a felling of peace and I get relaxed.


Gamlegården the place were I live is a place that have large green areas and is a place were nearly everybody nows each other. In the are or more like i would call it ”The Hood”

you can find a park in the field. you can play basketball in the court, tennis or soccer. There are some schools in the are, medical  and some shops. The best thing about Gamlegården is the people you see! There are people nearly from every country in the world and you will learn a lot of words in other languages if you see the teenagers for example in the basket court.


This was a little about Dammen in Gamlegården and Gamlegården.

If you have a chance to come to sweden and you want to see a lot of people from other countries in the world then you should visit Gamlegården or more like i would say ”The Hood’’ 


Hope to share more with you 🙂Image Image


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  1. ezgiitumsa says:

    FyFan va grym! NÄSBY

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