Sergels torg

This is the lower part of ”Sergels torg” (Sergel’s Square) in Stockholm, which is called ”Plattan”. Http:// says that the square got its name from the great painter Johan Tobias Sergel. Sergels torg is a square in the central of Stockholm. ”Plattan” is placed 10 meters beneath the ground level of the old building. The idea of a lower, covered walking-square came as a proposal year 1957. As you can see at the picture, ”Plattan” has a ground made in black and white triangles which makes it very special. Around the square there are several shops.



This is the so called ”Plenihall” (Plenisalen) in the parliament in Stockholm. writes that Plenisalen is the biggest room that the parliament uses the most. All the members in the parliament have their own places in the hall. Everyone who wants to join are free to do it. This is the place where the commissioners gather and discuss proposal.


Gamla stan

This is the old town in Stockholm. According to the town was made during the 13th century. The ”Old town” is the original Stockholm and was it during several hundreds of years. Around the middle of the 19th the Old Town got the name ”The city between the bridges”  instead of ”The city”. The Old town also got surrounded by several stonewalls at the 13th century. Today the city is a combination between the old and the new Stockholm. There are about 3000 people living in the old city today. Most of the buildings are from the 17th and 18th century. Http://  also says that the oldest habitation are made of tree, but during the late medieval times, many buildings came to be made of brick. The old town has lots of unique things to see if your’e visiting Stockholm and it’s the most carming part of the city. It’s also the area that has the biggest extent of tourist shops, restaurants, museum and studios. In the old town, there are many beautiful paths to walk in.



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