Old Town – Stockholm


Hi everyone!

This is a picture of me and my friends in Old town in Stockholm. The blond one in the front is me, the brunette to the right is Amanda, the girl above us is Aline, the guy is Jonathan, the redhead is Emilie and the last one is Lina.

 Old Town was built on 1100- century and back then it was ”the beginning” of Stockholm. At first they named Stockholm ”Stadsholmen”. ”Holme” means islet in swedish. The name came because Stadsholmen is located on a single combat. Now its just a little part of Stockholm, so it got the name Old Town.

There’s only a few apartments to live in, about 600-700. The population in the district is right now 3000 people. This part of Stockholm has the biggest offer of restaurants, touristboutiques and museums.

I found all my information here;



/Celine ❤


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