Kristianstad – The last female execution

These are 3 people remembered for a certain event in history of Sweden.

The women to the right is Hanna Johansdotter whom got murdered the 28 of Mars the year 1889 by her husband Per Nilsson (in the middle) and his mother Anna Mårtensson (to the left).
The son and the mother had a sexual relationship (incest) and the main reason for the murder jealousy from the mother.

At first both Anna and Per got a death sentence for the murder of Hanna Johansson, but later on in court it got revealed that the mother (Anna) had as mentioned exposed her son for incest. The case got verry spokend about and reached the king himself who later on changed Per’s penalty to a lifelong penal servitude instead of the previous death sentence.

The execution took place the 7 of august in 1890 in the county jail in Kristianstad and was later on known for being the last performed female execution in the history of Sweden.

Written by

Hanna Dahlberg
Samhälle 13


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