Hey everyone!

I’m gonna upload two pictures from my class vacation in Stockholm in October. This was the place where Olof Palme died. Olof Palme was Swedens Prime Minister . He was a Prime Minister twice, for the first time 1969-1976 and for the last time, 1982 until the 28th of February 1986 when he died. He was shot, in his back. They haven’t found the murder yet, even if they have had a lot of persons who they thought were guilty in the custody. But the crime isn’t solved yet, and I guess it will never be. It is 27 years since 1986, and that’s quite a long time. He was murdered when he went from the theatre with his wife, this was the only time Olof Palme was without his bodyguards. He was shot at Sveavägen in Stockholm, and his wife was also shot in her arm, but she survived. Some of this information had I taken from . But I knew the most important things about his dead, because when we were in Stockholm our teacher told us about this murder.


This is the Ericsson Globe in Stockholm. In swedish we call it “Globen”. Currently Globen is the largest hemispherical building in the world. It also took two and a half years to build it. It opened for the first time the 19th February year 1989. Globen is the national arena of Sweden, because it has it place in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden. When it’s concerts in Globen it could be up to 16 000 people, and 13 850 people if it’s a ice hockey game there. This was the source where I found the information.

Hugs from Sweden 🙂 /Felicia 🙂


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