About me !



My name is Ahmad Faour I am 16 years old and I live with my family (little brother, mother and father). My little brothers name is Abdullah but we always call him for Abodi beside when some one asks what his name is. My mothers name is Haifa and my fathers name is Bassam.

I like music a lot and i work with music and many friends that I have is because of the music. Me and my best friend more like my brother but the difference is that he are from another mother, (that is on the picture when we are on stage and i back him up when he is performing his song) has started a music group/company that we named “King Kong Management”. King Kong Management is a group/company that works with music and we basically want to work with the music because we do not want to get involved to drugs and stuff like that. And we also help others to get to the studios that we are connected with and let them do music if they are interested in that.

I also like to play basketball and I like to watch movies and I also watch a lot of the Supernatural episodes i hope you enjoyed to read this 🙂

/ Ahmad Faour


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