Hanna Dahlberg, 18


Hi students of Nice school in Sri Lanka!
My name is Hanna Aina Sofia Dahlberg.
I’m eighteen years old and I live in a house a bit outside Kristianstad with a couple of other people. It’s like a collective and I’ve lived there since I was about seventeen years old. My mother lives in Höllviken which is in the south western part of Sweden and that is also the place where I grew up in when I was younger. My father on the other hand lives in the northern part of Sweden, called Gothenburg.
There he  lives with my little brother and stepmother. I have two siblings, a little brother (who lives with my father as mentioned) and then we have my big brother who also grew up with me and my mother down in Höllviken. He is now living up north in Jönköping where he studies economics at Jönköping International Business School.

My future goals is to finish school and then work for a bit to save up some money so that I can go travelling to whatever country I’d like. After that I think I would want to study at a good University where I’ve found an interesting subject that feels relevant. Well.. that is if I haven’t fallen madly in love with a culture or country on my travels and decided to settle down there instead (which I kind of hope I do).

This was just a little bit about myself and I hope that you could tell me a little about you too..

With good wishes


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