Welcome to our blog!


2 comments on “Welcome to our blog!

  1. roshanim2006 says:

    Thanks to both of you, Mattias and Freeda. This week our students are busy with revision week as their exams are starting next week, 11th November. Please exercise some patience until then. Sorry for delaying the plans. Best Regards from Roshani1

    • samart13 says:

      Hi Roshani!
      Yes we will have patience dear friend. I can tell you that our students got so surprised when they saw me and Frida with sarongs from Sri Lanka and that I had taken some things from home that I have bought in Sri Lanka and we created the classroom more Sri Lankan, we also played music from your lovely country and then we showed a short movie about the island too. All the students were happy about it, we had not told them about this before the class so they were amazed about it.
      Thank you for letting us do this project with you all.
      Best Regards from Mattias and Frida

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